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    Matt Groves

    This week I will be undertaking one of the largest challenges of my life – cycling from London to Paris! I’m taking on this challenge to raise money for The Campbell Burns Metabolic Trust, a local Charity that I have close ties with, who help families with young children with a metabolic condition.
    This is a pretty big challenge involving cycling almost 100 miles (160km) per day for three days, this would present a challenge to all but the most hardcore of cyclists (who are invariably younger, slimmer and fitter than I!) so I’m filled with a mix and excitement and trepidation. There is a team of six of us riding, with varying levels of preparedness and training miles under the belt, and my wife driving the support van with the Trust’s Chairman as co-pilot.

    If you can spare £5/$5/€5 and would like to make a difference in someone’s life please use the links below to sponsor me. I’d like to raise £1,000 through this challenge which would mean the Trust could issue 10 grants to help families with young children diagnosed with a metabolic disorder, making their lives just a little bit easier. I have seen some close family friends go through the loss of an infant through a metabolic disorder and while the grants cannot help with the condition they can help families make the best of the limited time they have with their child.

    If that doesn’t help motivate you to get your credit card out and sponsor me (, maybe the thought of this fatboy gritting his teeth and painfully pedalling through to the finish line may ignite a sense of schadenfreude that opens up your wallet/purse!!

    You can keep abreast of our progress by following the Trust’s Facebook Page ( where there will be regular updates.

    Thank you for your support!

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