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    David Williams

    Hi all,
    Does anyone know if i can use visual studio to create workflows if sharepoint designer has been disabled for site collection by farm admin?
    Any advice welcomed.

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    Steve Smith

    Hi David I don’t see why that would be an issue. The Designer restrictions will show up when you launch Designer or trying to activate designer features from the site collection. Using Visual Studio to build and deploy workflows are not using the same restrictions.


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    Mark Stokes

    Hi David,

    As Steve said, the SPD restrictions should not stop you creating Visual Studio workflows. Depending on the contents of the workflow you should be able to deploy it to a sites Solutions Gallery (Sandboxed Solutions). This article explains how:

    This post describes how to create a Workflow Action and deploy it as a Sandboxed Solution:

    Some capabilities might require you to install your workflow as a Farm Solution in which case you will need to speak with the farm administrators to get permission to deploy it. But from your original question I will assume you don’t know them or they don’t like turning things on, otherwise they would enable SPD access for you 🙂

    Just be aware as well that SandBoxed Solutions that contain server side code are deprecated in SharePoint Online so your solution will NOT migrate to the cloud if that is on the businesses roadmap. I have also seen some organisations disable the User Code Service in their on-premises environment to “match” this restriction. In my opinion this is a bad idea as it also disables the ability to enable ANY Sandbox Solution, even those that do not contain server side code.

    Another possible solution is to use Microsoft Flow, assuming you have Office 365 licenses and are allowed to use this. To access your on-premises data you will need to install the On-Premises Data Gateway (https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/tutorials/gateway-reference) so I strongly recommend you talk to your environment administrators again about your options.

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    David Williams

    Thanks Steve and Mark. Very much appreciated.

    The Workflows i have in mind are relatively simple – document author review by dates, so will get visual studio.
    Thanks Mark for the heads up on the cloud issues. I think the company are heading towards a hybrid 2016/cloud so will be looking to see any implications this has.

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