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    Rob Webb

    Will Teams replace Yammer?

    I think so, but what do you think?

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    Sam Marshall

    I’d like to see them merge, as functionally the are very close. However, there are use cases for each that don’t yet intersect, so the hybrid ‘Teammer’ product would need to have some sensible defaults for how notifications and threads are handled, how people get access etc.

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    Mark Stokes

    I’m not so sure sure they will merge and I’m not so sure that MS will actually consolidate all its social tech down into one approach.

    I know that I have hoped, moaned and campaigned for the last few years for this, but in reality it wouldn’t work.

    As Sam says, there are differences in the technologies and use-cases. In our personal lives we manage to have conversations across different social channel’s and I think that the same will be true in the workplace.

    But, in our personal lives we don’t need to find information across channels or match up multiple conversations between hundreds or thousands of people so maybe the conversation requirements are different. Or are they?

    The real opportunity is for that organisation who can tap into multiple social technologies and provide some sort of conversation intelligence / search capability.

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    Sam Marshall

    Hi Mark
    Yes I fear your right, O365 seems to favour feature innovation over practical consolidation.

    I do think consumer needs/standards are different. In our private lives we juggle multiple accounts without much complaint because a) they are free b) we don’t do anything very sophisticated with them c) it doesn’t matter if they only kind-of work.

    In the workplace our expectations of productivity are much higher. Every lost login, profile re-creation, missed message etc. has a potential cost.

    A couple of years ago I argued that what we primarily need is an aggregated Activity Stream. I still feel this is a big gap ripe for plugging (though Harmon.ie had a go) http://www.clearbox.co.uk/stay-alert-the-future-of-the-activity-stream/

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