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John Timney

SharePoint UX Expert

I am an eighteen year veteran Microsoft “Most Valued Professional” award holder and a former MSDN “Regional Director”.  I have spent about 25 years in Banking, Government and Telecoms IT, hold current SC Clearance, ITIL certification and I am co-author of several technical books. I am a regular speaker at conferences throughout the UK and Europe. I currently specialise in providing International Banking Clients with programme assurance around Transformation to Cloud and disruption to Legacy operating models and have spent a number of years in UK Government leadership roles specialising in Delivery Assurance and Strategy around the implementation of an enterprise scale IL3 compliant Private Cloud (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) delivery. I would describe myself as an Enterprise Transformation Specialist with proven experience in architectural assurance, strategy, delivery and management of end to end Enterprise scale environments.

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Mark Stokes

SharePoint UX Expert

Mark has an unusual mixture of development and business background bringing him perfectly into the Solutions Architect role. Having run a small Microsoft Partner company for 4 years in the early 2000's he was heavily involved in both the development and implementation of projects, however, Mark spent much of his time working alongside customers as well as being involved in the day to day running of his own company. After this Mark focussed more heavily as a contractor in the development side of things but kept being pulled back into customer facing roles and developing his core skill of bridging the customer / technologist gap. Mark moved away from development as a core role in 2009 and has since been "dabbling" in development, but focussing far more time on Solutions Architecture and working with customers to ensure they are designing the right solutions for their needs, expectations and budgets. Mark is still deeply technical, but far prefers the customer interaction and design elements of projects. Mark is the North West Leader of the SharePoint User Group UK and manages a lot of the communications and Yammer network for the group, alongside his fellow co-leaders. He can also be seen travelling the UK (and further afield) presenting and supporting other user groups and conferences.

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Matt Groves

SharePoint UX Expert

Matt is the founder and Principal Consultant at Big Sixty, a consultancy specialising in helping clients solve their collaboration, productivity and business process challenges, and to get the most from their technology investments. Matt has worked with SharePoint in various guises since 2001, delivering projects for clients, management and leadership within Microsoft Gold Partners, and virtual roles with Microsoft, he has been involved in the UK SharePoint community since 2007. Matt is also an associate instructor with Combined Knowledge. Matt's background is deeply technical but he has been far more focused on the end-user and business aspects of Microsoft technologies for the last few years. Recognised in the industry as a leader in his field, Matt is frequently invited to speak at conferences and sit on expert panels. Matt has a young family and enjoys Carp Fishing, Rugby, Photography and Cycling.

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Neil Hodgkinson

SharePoint UX Expert

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Nigel Price

SharePoint UX Expert

A highly experienced computer professional (40 years+) with a strong background in architectural design, analysis development, and support of both enterprise and infrastructure solutions based upon Microsoft SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 SharePoint 2016 and Office 365.  He has also been involved in the pre-sales process with Microsoft Gold Partners.  Nigel has given talks on SharePoint On-Premises, SharePoint Online, OfficeDev PnP and  Client side development.

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Paul Hunt

SharePoint UX Expert

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Sam Dolan

SharePoint UX Expert

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Randy Perkins-Smart

SharePoint UX Expert

Accomplished Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist / IT Professional, BCS Chartered IT Professional and Prince 2 Practitioner specialising in SharePoint and web based information systems.

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Simon Doy

SharePoint UX Expert

Organiser of the Yorkshire SharePoint User Group. Please come and say hello, let me know what you like / dislike about the user group.

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Simon Hudson

SharePoint UX Expert

I'm the owner of Clus2 and a facilitators at SUGUK Yorkshire. I'm especially interested in the  b6siness side of technology and how it affects organisations and societies. And when I'm not doing any of these I'll probably have a guitar, steering wheel or tiller in my hands.

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