SharePoint User Group (East Midlands) – Dev Night
Intelligent Decisioning
09/03/2017 from 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Dev Night

All things SharePoint development.

1800 – Arrive and network

1830 – Session 1 – Bill Ayers MCMS, MVP

1930 – Pizza & refreshments

2000 – Session 2 – Hugh Wood, Rencore

2100 – SharePint 

Session 1. Welcome to the Brave New World of SharePoint and Office 365 Development!

First the future was full trust solutions, then sandbox and then apps which became add-ins. This time it’s for real – the SharePoint Add-in model is here to stay – or is it?  In this session we will take a broad look at SharePoint development and introduce the new SharePoint Framework which promises a new “modern” client-side development story for web parts and more. The world is changing and our SharePoint solutions need to stay relevant in this new world of user expectations and devices. A number of patterns and improvements have emerged to get around some of the shortcomings and support a more professional development model for building responsive client applications. In this talk we are going to see how far we can go with SharePoint and Office 365 development using JavaScript and client-side development for Windows, web and mobile applications.

Session 2. Software Code Security and Performance with JavaScript

Developing Secure and Performant JavaScript for SharePoint Description It is a well-known fact that a errant line of JavaScript can open up a page to hacks, or kill the performance of your entire page. It’s very easy to get wrapped up copy and pasting code with minimal knowledge of what is going on.

I spend my life looking at code defects across all 8 categories of software analysis, however the two which people struggle with the most are Security and Performance. SharePoint is moving more and more towards JavaScript and as it does so does the knowledge gap of traditional SharePoint developers between the .Net world and JavaScript world.

This session will bridge that gap, showing desired patterns for performance, security and stability that fit in directly with how SharePoint works internally in any version be it 2007 or 2016.

I will cover the latest practices in asynchronous programming, preventative measures against security breaches, code optimisations for performance, automating code governance checks during development and production, aligning coding practices with business security expectations and ensuring that if a breach does occur you have taken as many steps as possible in your custom code to prevent data loss.

Location: ID Live Offices


Intelligent Decisioning - Intelligent Decisioning, Strelley Hall, Main Street, Strelley, Notts, NG8 6PE, East Midlands, United Kingdom


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