SharePoint User Group (Yorkshire) – Dev Ops with VSTS and TypeScript
Adelphi Hotel
07/03/2017 from 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


After a great start to the year with two top sessions from Martin and Peter in January. We are back with a more developer orientated couple of sessions on two hot topics for any developer. However, with the soon to be released SharePoint Framework these sessions will help you be more productive.

As ever we will have free Pizza and the obligatory SharePint afterwards. January’s SharePint included a bit of a sit down and there were some great discussions going on so please join us for that.


1) TypeScript for C# Developers – Peter Shaw

I get it, your a back-end developer, it’s a comfy job, you love C# and SharePoint and all those lovely .NET API’s

Unfortunately, the world is changing. Javascript is eating everything, and more and more clients are expecting apps that run entirely in the browser, with nothing more than perhaps an API created in C#.

The thing is, us back-end devs, well we don’t like JavaScript, it scares us, it’s loosely typed, it has no structure, and you can do some very, very dangerous things with it.

Never fear though, Typescript is here to save you. From back-end C# dev to front-end TypeScript dev, you’ll wonder what all the fuss is about, once you see just what TypeScript has to offer you.

Sit in on this session as I show you TypeScript from a C# developers point of view, and never view front-end development the same way again.


2) Modern ALM and DevOps practices using Microsoft VSTS – Richard Fennell (MVP – Black Marble)

Modern development for platforms such as SharePoint requires the use of a range of languages and tool chains. In this session I will show how these can be pulled into a cohesive application life cycle and DevOps process using Microsoft’s Visual Studio Team Services tools, and in particular the new build and release cross platform system.

  • 18:00Welcome
  • 18:30Introduction to TypeScript
  • 19:30Pizza
  • 20:00Modern ALM and DevOps practices using Microsoft VSTS - Richard Fennell (MVP - Black Marble)
  • 21:00The Adelphi

Adelphi Hotel - 1-5 Hunslet Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10 1LX, Yorkshire, United Kingdom


Bookings are closed for this event.

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