UK PowerApps & Microsoft Flow user group (Nottingham)
Intelligent Decisioning
26/09/2019 from 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

We hope you will join us for this great evening of learning!

For more information about the UK PowerApps & Microsoft Flow user group, see:

Session 1 – Real World Problem Solving with Azure Cognitive Services and Flow – Dylan Hayes

This session is aimed at those who are interested in Azure Cognitive Services and how it can be applied to solve real world problems using Microsoft Flow and Office 365.

Firstly what do we mean by Azure Cognitive Services? And how does it relate to the long and sometimes legendary history of what has previously been termed “Artificial Intelligence”? Once past the Terminator and HAL 9000 quotes, we can then examine how cognitive services actually work, and how it is composed of distinct services that each solve particular problems.

Then we’ll discuss the many services in more detail, and take the time to do some interactive demos of using Flow to wire up some interesting services such as image recognition, sentiment analysis, content moderation and optical character recognition and see how well they cope with real world data.

Break – Half Time Refreshments

Session 2 – Kaizala – Simon Hudson

Simon will discuss “What is Kaizala?”, “How is it different to WhatsApp?”, “Why would we use it/who is it for​”, licensing and lots more.

PowerPint – Broad Oak, Strelley

Location: ID Live Offices

  • 18:00Welcome and Coffee
  • 18:30Session 1
  • 19:30Food and Refreshments
  • 20:00Session 2
  • 21:00SharePint!

Intelligent Decisioning - Intelligent Decisioning, Strelley Hall, Main Street, Strelley, Notts, NG8 6PE, East Midlands, United Kingdom


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