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    Brenden ward

    We have E3 online with MS amd wondering how we can improve user experience. On various list we are looking a search various things and end up with a page of content that reflects this rather than one item at a time. Does anyone know of any good tools we can use to get a loads of search results with one search?

    For instance list with
    user company product value order date

    would like to see a product type but only see the ones ordered by one company and a single user if you know what I mean so the search is across more than one of the fields 🙂

    Any recommendations would be appreciated.


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    Matt Weston

    I know this post is old(ish) but thought I’d try to post a reply just in case you’re still struggling with this.

    If you’re not averse to using the classic experience, you can use an enterprise search centre to do a lot more with search than you’ll get from the modern site and list contextual searches. You can use the search properties e.g. RefineableString00 to map to your metadata fields to build up your refiners. I hope this helps to point you in the right direction, or if not please feel free to post more info and we can have another look together.

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