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    Jason Brownhill

    I think someone needs to review people signing up to this forum or however my email address is being used and referenced to this site, I’m getting what seems to be spam email…. it’s in my notifications/private messages on here.
    Hi Jason Brownhill,

    ALICEPENA2017 sent you a new message: “HELLO”
    “my name is amina
    please contact me
    here in my private
    email ok
    i am waiting for your mail”

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    Mark Stokes

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for reporting this. I also received this message overnight so have marked the account as Spam, so you shouldn’t receive any more notices fro Alice!

    We do run Spam filters on the website and it catches many spam signups a day, but unfortunately it seems this one has gotten through.

    Sorry for any intrusion.


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    Jason Brownhill

    No worries Mark – thought it prudent to highlight.


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    Mark Stokes

    Absolutely. Please report any other occurrences here if they should happen.

    – Mark

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