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    Cu/XLPE/CTS/PVC/SWA/PVC medium voltage power cable may be used for power networks, in fixed installation outdoors in cable ducts or directly in the ground. The cable consists of a Class 2 stranded copper conductor, semi conductive conductor screen, XLPE insulation, semi conductive insulation screen, plain copper tape screen for each core, PVC bedding, galvanized Steel Wire Armor and PVC outer sheath, flame retardant to IEC 60332-1.
    BS6622 & IEC60502
    Technical Data
    Conductor material:Copper
    Conductor identification:Colored tapes under screen,
    Conductor shape:Circular
    Conductor flexibility:Stranded class 2
    Material of the inner semi-conductor:Semi-conducting compound
    Insulation:XLPE (Chemical)
    Material of the external semi-conduct:Semi-conducting compound
    Metallic Screen:Bare Copper Tape
    Inner sheath:PVC
    Armor type:Galvanized steel wires
    Outer sheath:PVC
    Color:Red or Black
    Lead free:Yes
    Minimum installation temperature:0 °C
    Maximum installation temperature:60 °C
    Installation type:Direct burial or in ducts
    Minimum operating temperature: -15 °C
    Maximum operating temperature:90 °C
    Short-circuit max. conductor temperature:250 °C
    Flame retardant:Yes – IEC 60332-1
    Internal bending radius (min.):12 x Overall diameter
    Voltage Rating U0 /U6.35/11 kV12.7/22 kV19/33 kV
    Nominal voltage Uo:6.35 kV12.7 kV19 kV
    Nominal voltage U:11 kV22 kV33 kV
    Maximum permitted operating Um12 kV24 kV36 kV
    Test voltage:21 kV42 kV63 kV

    1: Conductor 2: Conductor Screen 3: Insulation 3: Insulation Screen 4: Metallic Screen
    5: Inner Sheath 6: Steel Wire Armor 7: Outer Sheath
    Construction Data: Cu/XLPE/CTS/PVC/SWA/PVC 6.36/11kV – 3 core BS6622 & IEC60502
    No.No. of cores and
    cross-sectionConductor StrandingNominal thickness of InsulationNominal thickness of SheathApprox Overall DiameterApprox WeightNom. Max. DC-resist conductor 20⁰ CCurrent rating laid direct
    13 x 167/1.683.42.445.232911.15119
    23 x 257/
    33 x 357/2.523.42.651.447130.524181
    43 x 5012/2.353.42.754.154110.387213
    53 x 7019/
    63 x 9523/2.353.42.962.374880.193309
    73 x 12029/2.353.43.065.785540.153349
    83 x 15036/2.353.43.169.297470.124390
    93 x 18544/2.353.43.273111630.0991436
    103 x 24058/2.353.43.580.1141850.0754499
    113 x 30061/2.603.43.684.6163940.0601553
    123 x 40059/2.953.43.991.9201270.047619
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